PHP-Drupal Developer

PHP-Drupal Developer


Job Description

A local, fast-growing web development company that provides high level of expertise in web development, SEO, social media, and digital marketing is looking for a proficient PHP/Drupal Developer.
Job Overview:
As a PHP/Drupal Developer, you will be part of the team responsible for design and development of web and mobile applications using PHP and MySQL. Under the direction of System Architect, you will architect, design, and develop advanced web systems, modules, and interfaces, as well as provide direction and mentorship to junior developers. You will also be directly responsible for client support.
An ideal candidate will have the following skills/qualifications:
• Knowledge of English Language.
• 5+ years experience with PHP language.
• 5+ years experience of SQL language, ERD, DFD, and basic data structures.
• 3+ years experience designing and developing medium to highly complex Web Systems.
• 3+ years experience using formal structured/object oriented/agile software development.
• 3+ years experience leading a team of developers, providing direction, mentoring, and support.
• Advanced knowledge of CSS.
• Advanced knowledge of Database Design.
• Knowledge of MVC Framework Design Pattern.
• Ability to follow instructions, troubleshoot issues, and recommend solutions.
• Ability to administer MySQL DB and Apache web server.
• Knowledge of other web/standard tools & technologies (.NET, JAVA, etc).
• Must be willing to learn new things and take on different tasks as needed.
Desired Qualifications:
• Knowledge of graphical design and converting graphical design to HTML/CSS.
• 3+ years experience designing and developing online web systems using Drupal CMS.
• Experience with .NET framework using Visual Studio (C# or VB).
• Experience with Mobile Application development.

We are on the lookout for talented potential employees. So, although you will start out as a freelancer, if there is a connection and budding relationship (we get you and you get us), we would like to hire you full-time (serial or moonlighting contractors best leave this position to those who have a long-term goal of becoming an employee).
Self-motivated, dependable and professional job seekers, please email us your resume along with a cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you.

Skills: marketing, design, english, agile, mvc, apache, .net

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