Highly skilled iOS Developer

Highly skilled iOS Developer


Job Description

MUST be willing to sign both an NDA and an Intellectual Property agreement

Description of App: Lifestyle app to help you decide what to do on a day out.

- Prototype has been sketched as a prototype on paper
- No real graphics are needed (will discuss with Freelancer)
- Prototype can be created in black and white
- No app icon is needed, seeing as one has been created and will be submitted for implementation into the project

This project doesn't start for another couple of months, but adequate time is needed to find a suitable candidate for the project to ensure that it's done properly.

- MUST be able to not only program but also do the UI design
- Someone who takes pride in their work and can create a polished product
- MUST speak English well

- Reply with previous works of iPhone apps that you've created and/or worked on. Including any UI design that you've done before.

*** IMPORTANT when you reply start by answering the question of 1 + 1 = ?

This will help me weed out those that are not good at 1) reading job listing before replying 2) those that can't follow simple directions