Inbound marketing agency seeking ongoing developer

Inbound marketing agency seeking ongoing developer


Job Description

About Us:

We're a small and rapidly growing inbound marketing agency in Chicago that caters to a number of clients that need extra help with front-end development work (HTML5, CSS3, and occasionally PHP/MySQL/API's). We are interested in contracting this role for now, potentially growing into a permanent, full-time role for our company.

Common tasks include:

- Cleaning up code to be valid HTML5
- Working with WordPress and OpenCart extensions
- Reworking site architecture using CSS
- Creating sets of varied landing pages for conversion rate optimization experiments


Using the past several months as a model, we have a budget for $600-$1200 every month worth of this kind of work ongoing, and likely more than this as things grow (which we do expect, as it's been steady and is picking up steam). We'd basically just want to keep flowing an ongoing queue of bite-size dev tasks using our project system (


If applying, please provide 3 samples of your best front-end development work. We're all about results, so if you don't have impressive portfolio work to show, you need not apply. Also note your experience with WordPress, OpenCart, and any other PHP/MySQL applications.

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