Build a website

Build a website


Job Description

I am looking to work with a developer who can design and program a website for me. I have basic understanding of object-oriented programming, I have a mock-up of parts of the website, and I have thought through in relative depth what functionality I would like the website to be able to have.

I am offering $2,000 for successful completion of the website. The goal is to create something that is functional and clean. I will almost certainly have follow-up work as business progresses.

Because I will be working closely with the developer, it is imperative that he/she speak English. I will hold interviews over skype in person and would like to have a short, daily 10 minute call to check in on progress. Time zone is not important to me - I will stay awake to suit your schedule.

Most importantly, I am looking for someone who:
1. Can devote full time to working on this project over the next 10 days (or less if the work is finished beforehand)
2. Will take the time to understand what I want and can communicate clearly with me about progress (I have a document with desired functionalities separated by user type, as well as a list of objects/dictionaries that would be ideal to create)
3. Understands that I am on a budget at this stage of the project, and that I would prefer to pay for achieving certain benchmarks rather than on a per hour basis.

About the website:
SchoolBustle takes a potential school bus contract, shops it around to local-area school bus companies, and then aggregates the prices and company quality for the primary client

If interested in this post, please include a link to your portfolio and your resume. The subject of the message should say "project banana." I will invite selected candidates to interview over skype / google voice.