CSS/HTML master needed for ongoing Rails project

CSS/HTML master needed for ongoing Rails project


Job Description

We are looking for a skilled CSS/HTML/jQuery frontend developer to assist our team with a web 2.0 site project (service site for small-to-medium size companies). The project is already largely developed and online in a medium-alpha stage.

You should ideally also be familiar with Ruby on Rails, Linux, git, CSS/jQuery, Jira, and have demonstrable experience with other similar projects. Good English skills and fast response times are also essential.

Load can vary - right now this is not yet a fulltime position, so plan with maybe 10-20 hours a week, taking ondemand tasks from the project repository, completing them on your local copy, and then committing back to the repo.

There is a Skype project room for discussion and questions.

Skills: linux, english

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