Video Production Required

Video Production Required


Job Description


I have about 30mins of footage that I need for a producer to create and package into a neat production.

You will need to complete skills like:
1. Edit out audio (in some sections)
2. Place comments & use package containers like creative after-effects to make it an attractive package.

This is a medical treatment for hair loss.
- Flavour needs to be institutional yet AMAZING.
- Simply colours please - see our BUILDING SITE for idea's of colour scheme we are using. (still building it!!!)

I need a 15sec version
I need a 30sec version
I need a 3-5min production

Please include an educational element ....
EG. for the 3-5min production with background music - so no audio from video unless something is audibly mentioned that is a STRONG MESSAGE
- question screen
- then video content
- another question
- more video
- etc etc
- then some slides on what PRP for hair loss is. We have a Questions + Answer list for you when you want it.

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