Meditation App for Iphone/Android

Meditation App for Iphone/Android


Job Description

Create a simple mobile app that assists in meditation

Essentially this is how the app would work:

Start The app -> Start Page with Instructional Texts + check box for never show instructions again. ->Meditation page: has a countdown from 100 down to 1, it should reach 0 when the song ends. The numbers will fill the screen and fade in (font provided), stay, fade out. The meditation song lasts for 7min 35 secs. Background is a visualization. Volume needs to be able to be controlled.

Background visual and song will be provided. Song should retain the same quality as format given to coder or atleast 320kbps mp3

Looking for someone that is willing to communicate what is completed everyday and what problems is he/she running into so we could work together on delivering the app ASAP and solve any problems.

Please include word "panda bears" somewhere in the app to verify that you are human.