Design a benefits chart for us

Design a benefits chart for us


Job Description

This is a 1 or 2 page design project for you to DESIGN a chart of benefits that looks simlar-ish to this:

As far as the general design guidelines and color palate goes, please use the general style and colors that you see on our website:

Once you approved for the job, you can send us a draft of your design. Once your design has been approved, we will send you our high resolution logo and you can finish the job.

We want the final version of our chart to be in illustrator or photoshop file format! Please use the latest version of illustrator or photoshop to ensure full file compatibility.

Attached in a PDF is the information to put in the chart. Please put the level categories of 'presenting', 'gold', 'silver', etc. on the x-axis at the top of document (it is on the y-axis in the PDF attached).

Thank you for looking!

Skills: design

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