PHP/AJAX/Javascript Developer

PHP/AJAX/Javascript Developer


Job Description

Summary of Work

We are seeking an ideal candidate (or candidates) for developing a new social networking site geared towards the creative industry.

The Developer will be responsible for creating the site head-to-toe. We have all the UI/UX design finished...we need a lead dev to structure the database, and write all the code.

The ideal candidate has experience implementing dynamic user interfaces compatible with multiple browsers using PHP, jQuery/Javascript, and Ajax. Experience with Actionscript and the LAMP Stack is also a must.
This role involves the design and implementation of modules allowing customizable navigation flow, social network integration, metrics gathering, and site security. We need the ability to embed content (images and video) from a host of websites including, YouTube, Vimeo, IMDB, Soundscloud, and more.

We will be using a lot of Javascript (Backbone.JS & Node.JS) for their Networking ability...

Duties and Responsibilities

• Design, build, and maintain modular widgets, custom interfaces, and content creation tools using PHP, jQuery/JavaScript, (including asynchronous calls), Ajax, and Actionscript when necessary.
• Develop complex web applications that integrate with all major social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.)
• Code pages to meet project goals, user needs, industry standards and aggressive timelines
• Evaluate code to ensure that it is valid, properly structured, meets industry standards and functions correctly across targeted browsers
**Must develop the code with strong NOTES to hand off to future developers.

Required Skills

• 4+ years experience developing user interfaces for the web using PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Actionscript & the LAMP Stack
• Ability to hand-code HTML/CSS/JS
• Experience in Javascript and all potential utilities (backbone & Node)
• Scaling of JS server with Heroku or compatible cloud server
• Experience developing with NoSQL and Zend framework
• Facebook application development experience preferred
• Experience capturing video from end-user machines, and displaying embedded streaming video playback
• Thorough understanding of X/HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and browser DOM - including sensitivity to browser compatibility issues
• Web security design/implementation experience
• Knowledge with UX development is a PLUS

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