Asterisks and ruby

Asterisks and ruby


Job Description

Asterisks needs to be set up on my linux Ubuntu virtual machine from scratch
-set up Asterisks so we can have CDR up and running
-we are just using Asterisks to verify the results
-set up Asterisks to run as a server to the website in question
-I would like a video of everything that is done, if not an extremely detailed diagram and step-by-step manual will suffice.
-The main goal is to make it seem like I did everything myself from scratch

Ruby should be set up on my linux Ubuntu virtual machine from scratch.
-I will attach what the website looks like
-I want to see how you are using ActiveRecord and CRAMP to make this work
I need video of everything you are doing so I will know how to set everything up, if not possible, an extremely detailed diagram and step by step process of how to start from scratch

I am attaching what the website will look like
-I want just one data point to test
-show me how Asterisks gets the data and how my website can access that data in real-time using CRAMP and ActiveRecord
-I would prefer not to use anything besides the standard javascript, html, css, ruby languages
-you can make a dummy site that just retrieves data from the Asterisks CDR table to show that we are getting the real-time data stream

Final Product
-The project should have visual schematics of how everything works
-There should be a sample website built with Ruby on Rails to show the the Asterisks streaming works

Skills: linux, video, test