Senior PHP Developer

Senior PHP Developer


Job Description

Our business is built on people. People with passion. People who want to build great solutions to tricky problems.

We believe that a website can be more than just a means to list your services or take orders. Beyond anything else we value forward thinking, the ability to learn new things quickly and real enthusiasm. We believe that a good team is greater than the sum of its parts and that the best learning comes from working with others towards a common goal.

What makes this role different from other PHP jobs is that we care about how our sites look inside as well as out. You won't find anyone pressuring you to "just make it work" because we know that this is not how you write good code. We believe that the quality of our work is the most important ingredient and that sales, good account management and good marketing strategies naturally follow.

Who we are

In 2006 D3R was 1 person in a bedroom

By 2008 we were 3 developers and 1 designer.

In 2009 we were joined by a coffee machine. Productivity increased.

By 2010 we must have been doing something right because we had some pretty significant clients and had grown to 8 people.

It's now 2013 and we've grown to a motley crew of 17.

We have had to grow up a bit along the way but we’ve worked hard not to lose that "us against the world" startup attitude that makes it fun. What’s more, things aren't slowing up and we’re hungry for talented people that want to come and be a part of it.

What we’ve done

Some of our work you can see but there's lots that you can't. Here are some examples of the bits you can't:

- A desktop application for OS X/Linux/Windows for uploading, resizing, tagging and assigning images to a website’s product database.

- A niche social network built completely on Amazon’s EC2, SimpleDB, and ELB platforms, scalable to two million concurrent users.

- Server management tools that allow us to deploy, update, and migrate websites, even to our development machines, through highly automated processes which control DNS, uptime monitoring, payment gateway integrations and SSL certificates.

- iOS/web-based app with integrated barcode scanning to manage receiving stock, dispatching orders, processing returns and more for our end-to-end inventory system.

How we do it

Just some of the key technologies we rely on each and every day: PHP, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, Debian, NginX, MySQL, Memcache, Redis, ElasticSearch, AWS.

Our work goes beyond what you can achieve by adding or hacking modules into Magento or Wordpress. All our sites are built on the same D3R framework which in turn sits on top of Zend.