Infrastructure Management team needed - Possible long term (6months+) contract

Infrastructure Management team needed - Possible long term (6months+) contract


Job Description

We are looking for a company/group of individuals to monitor our infrastructure during peak time (normally 13:00 to 01:00 EST). We need someone:

1. Load/Resource Monitoring
2. Service monitoring (if any service goes down - he/she must be able to restart service immediately).
3. AWS administration (we have some instances at idle) - we turn them on/off manually as per traffic patterns.
4. Nagios/Cacti Monitoring
5. Installation of new services/modules in Nagios and Cacti
6. Custom Scripts for Nagios and Cacti.
7. Firewall administrations - e.g., if we detect some IP is constantly banging our webserver(s) - you may be required to block it.
8. Basic Shell scripting
9. Mysql DB Management
10. Other servers like FTP, DNS etc management.


1. Expert in CentOS and Ubuntu
2. Expert in Firewall rules and iptables
3. Basic Knowledge of shell scripting
4. MySQL DB management.
5. Cloud Computing (AWS)
6. Knowledge of FTP, DNS, EXIM servers.
7. Excellent in communication in English (whether oral or written).
8. Out of box thinker
9. Hard worker

Money Matters

Open to discussion - Please provide reasonable quotes for following SLA levels and per resource:

1. SLA 98%

2. SLA 99%

3. SLA 99.9%

We are planning to hire at least 3 resources at the time with 15 days of probationary period. If you perform well during this period - you will be offered long term assignment (6 months+).

Hiring Process

There will be two round of interviews over Skype.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.