Hiring (2) JS Developers for Courseware Project

Hiring (2) JS Developers for Courseware Project


Job Description


We are a company in Japan developing web public apps + enterprise app development / IOS/Android applications etc..

We are looking for an experienced Analytical Java Developer with unique ability to understand clients’ needs creating clean and commented code . Successful candidates will have the possibility to work for long term.


- Ideal candidates should have web development experience and expertise using PHP, JavaScript, MYSQL.JStemplate, jquery, backborn, mustache, json, lazy loading.

- Should have proven experience as well as a solid understanding of Object Oriented Design and Programming.

- A solid understanding of web application development processes, from the layout/user interface to relational database structures.

- Proven track record of projects completed
NOTE : We will hire a translator for this and they will translate the specs soon. just review and see the wire frame.

Task Requirement :

A. What is included as feature:

- JS views programming. this will be the client to Java Server side code. data between server side will be JSON
- We will have 1 page, and there we have 4 or 5 views that transit in that page.
- integration of HTMLS to JS
( for html markup, you need to work with html template coding guy but you can work with )

B. What is NOT includes as feature:

- We have pages not having JS that much ( like login pages, or user config pages ) but this is not for you. html

guys and server side guys will do it.

C. Job scope:

c.1 Work includes:

- designing JS+ JSON ( specs )
- implementation
- tests
- unit test that will work with a fixed json template ( static JSON data that does not get the JSON data fmor

(server code but static json file on the server or local )
We love test driven but it is ok if you don't, if you provide quality code that works perfect without test codes…
- integration test ( with server side guys' work )
- deploy test ( not only on staging / development server but we need you to do the test on the performing (real) server.

We want to quicken the dev. we hire 2 JSer. deciding how to share with the other guy would be also a job for you.

D . This work DOES NOT include:
- administration jobs.
- server side coding.
- db scheme design
- server setup.
- html template coding ( but you must co-work or code with html guy regarding the tasks that needs designing id,class,or markup rules )

You must join and use our Basecamp. and have to follow our rules of management of todos and tickets.

You must reproduce and fix the bugs on your side, when users or testers, or clients find the bugs, even if you can't reproduce the bugs easily, you must.

E. Payment Conditions and Judgement Aspects of hiring :
- payment fixed bid only.
- suggest your request about payment timing.
of course, we prefer less advanced payments.because we found the tendency that good developers work with completion payments only. we accepts escrow request.
- if you make it earlier we really accepts for the bonuses.
-if you delay the milestones and completion. we might negotiates penalty discount. please give your schedule estimation that safely done. delay and quality issues must avoided 100% for sure , for our japan and US clients.
the average would be like first payment 30% on the end of this month. and rest after our client accepts the deliverables.

F . Engagement and Response:
- you must suggest and set the milestones to our side.
- you must give us progress reports or touchable ( accessible ) working code or middle term deliverables on the milestones.
- but because it is milestone and delivery base work, we do not expect super fast response, if your progress is OK, and quality is OK.

In the last seasons of developments, things goes urgent and quick. in this era, we sometimes request you for quick and hard work…. but we hope you do never delay and live safer days for all the developments…

We do not work with part time developers ( who has daytime job and night only, online freelancing ). of course, it's ok to have other freelancing jobs than this.
We will hire 2 JS Developers for this project and we would like to have the estimation for 1 person for you only for about 2-3 pages for one person.
*** Please do never sales us in Skype. we do not work with you if you do it.
Details of the project:

Skills: json, markup-languages

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