Cohesive Wordpress blog layout needed

Cohesive Wordpress blog layout needed


Job Description

AIM: Turn my free wordpress blog into a self-hosted blog with a layout that is cohesive with my current website.

I currently have a domain (, registered for less than 60 days), ecommerce site ( and a blog ( all hosted by different providers.

I believe that this will require:
1) Registering for a host
2) Designing my blog layout (it's quite a simple layout but I am CSS-illiterate)
3) Moving my blog accounts across
4) Showing me how to be more SEO-friendly

Can you help me?

To apply: just show me your previous work.

What I need from you:
I need to know that you are confident in helping me design my new blog layout. Design skills not really needed, I know how to use photoshop.

Skills: design