PHP/MySQL Developer

PHP/MySQL Developer


Job Description

You have to meet this criteria to apply to this job, without them please don't waste time.

1) You need to know PHP very good.
2) You need to Read PHP very good/understand foreign code very fast. There is many places in project that will be impossible to do, if you don't worked with hostile code before.
3) You need to know MySQL good, but there will be not much SQL work there.
4) You need to know HTML/CSS very good.
5) JavaScript/jQuery - check that you worked with this before.
5) You have worked with GIT or Mercurial, in this project you will work with Mercurial, but if you worked with GIT you will understand how to deal with it in ~30 minutes.
6) Repeat: Very important that you REALLY know how to use Git or Mercurial, so you won't ask me questions about it.
7) You need some creativity, i will give you main directions, but sometimes you have to decide on your own.
8) You need to present every day or if you are no available warn me that i would know why you are not available.
9) You have to use Skype, that's my primary working messanger (no you don't need voice there, just text).

There is THREE main objectives in this project.

1) Apply new design to existing codebase.
2) Template is not perfect, fix bugs if you (or me) found them.
3) There can be some functional improvements on the go, so be ready to apply a new codebase too.