Commerical Real Estate Copy Writer

Commerical Real Estate Copy Writer


Job Description

Real Estate investment bank is looking for a creative and efficient copy writer to work on contract in drafting the following types of transaction documents

Credit/Offering Memorandums (50-70 page documents including pictures, charts and exhibits which explain all the details of the project/property, sponsor group, financial analysis etc.)

Executive Summary (5-6 page abridged overview of the previous document mentioned)

Subject matter for these documents will range from office buildings, shopping malls to resort hotels.

Writer must have extreme attention to detail in terms of grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Some samples will be provided to get a sense of the type of writing style we're looking for but in essence the documents are factual in natures while still using descriptive language to sell concepts or certain investment merits.

Documents should be expected to be turned over in 2-3 weeks time depending upon the flow of information from the client.

Good candidates will receive a steady flow of work ranging from 1-2 assignments every 2-3 months. Possibly more depending upon business growth.

If interested, please reply with relevant work samples. You will not be considered if:

1) You have no work samples related to real estate
2) Your work samples are only 1-2 pages in length.

Skills: analysis, grammar, real-estate