PHP Support for WordPress and Joomla! Plugins

PHP Support for WordPress and Joomla! Plugins


Job Description

We create and sell a series of Joomla! and WordPress plugins, most of them integrating with popular email management services such as AWeber.

We need one or more developers to:

- expand our product line with additional integrations, including unit tests
- handle advanced customer support.

Most of the time, customer issues are solved by our front-line support. However, on occasion, customers find bugs or need new features That's where you come in.

Skills needed:
- strong PHP
- Joomla! extension development experience
- WordPress plugin development experience
- subversion and git for source control

We expect that the position will take about 5-10 hours per month, though has the potential to grow. We are looking for a long term relationship and are open to paying a weekly stipend in order for you to be "on call".

If selected for an interview, we will performa technical screen by sending you one of our plugins that need an update, with instructions on what needs to be done. We will pay a flat fee for the project.

To start the interview process, please respond to this post with the word SOFTWARE as the first word in your response. Please note any applications not following this simple instruction will be rejected with the notice "did not follow instructions".

Please tell us about your relevent experience, joomla and wordpress projects you've worked on, and why this is a great fit for you. Also, any concerns you have - for example, you may have worked with wordpress but not joomla. If so, that's not a deal breaker - let us know.

The ability to learn quickly, troubleshoot, and problem solve is more important to us than any specific technology ability.

We prefer an independent: agencies only apply if you can provide us a single point of contact.