Business Intelligence SAAS Application Development

Business Intelligence SAAS Application Development


Job Description

We are looking to develop a business analysis SAAS program that will take a disc based application and move it to the cloud for an SAAS application. We currently have an offline, desktop based application that we'd like to use as the outline for a clean UI that allows users to access the power of the offline application, update the dated elements of the offline application, and make turn it into a cloud based SAAS.

The application will forego through a series of user inputs and then analyze the data and present an output designed to diagnose business issues through analyzing them against simulated business models.

The program takes a user through a series of questions and then analyzes the answers to make sophisticated recommendations. The output should be a clean documents and interactive system that allows the user to drill down into detailed data from their inputs.

We would need our developers to be experienced with user input SAAS programs, clean output designs and SAAS overall.

The goal would be to create a subscription based SAAS program that users can utilize to create better business models for their small business. We would also want a mobile application developed for both iOS and Android.