Out of the box thinking

Out of the box thinking


Job Description

I'm looking to bring on an individual for a business development project.

What is the project you may ask?

Well I'm not really sure. I have an extra $1,500 in my budget this month and would like to at least double it.

. Could be affiliate marketing
. Media buys
. Creative development
. Local marketing
. Marketing existing project

So here's your chance present me with a creative way to use this $1,500 to build a profitable venture. You will be rewarded any thing over a $500.00 return. This project would then be brought into further development to seek further capital.If you are able to produce results I would keep you on the project and make you an operating partner. This could be fast money or long term.

Please present me a detailed plan and the best way to reach you.

Looking forward to seeing just how creative you are.