Anniversary present

Anniversary present


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I wanted to do something special for my girlfriend of 2 years we have come a long way since we started and she has been through some rough times. I wanted to give her something special that she will remember for a very long time. What i wanted to do was have her favorite animated character known as "Cowco" and have him dancing to the song "Gangnam style, by PSY." Im not sure if any of you have seen the youtube animation video of the song but if not ill post a link, It doesn't necessarily have to be something like that but something similar i would also like at least another friend into the mix so the character is not alone dancing i'm sure if you look cowco on google you can see some of his friends in the images. I would greatly appreciate any opinions or feedback, our anniversary is on april 8th and i would like it done by then, thank you.

Skills: video

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