Improvements in the Ruby-on-Rails/MongoDB product's site

Improvements in the Ruby-on-Rails/MongoDB product's site


Job Description

Searching for a support in development of an internal product site.

Must have knowledge:
- Ruby on Rails. Latest versions, patterns, gems, etc. In the first line of your reply please put the latest RoR version number (thats for screening purposes!).
- MongoDB (mongo_mapper)
- Test frameworks (give the examples of how you use tests)
- Ability to quickly dig into the unknown code, understand its design concepts, modelling, code style and overall concepts (give us the samples of such your experience).
- Git experience, give me your github account.

Good to have:
- HAML/SASS experience
- Markdown / other text scripting
- Mobile sites coding experience

We actively use commits analysis to understand the performance (odesk screenshots/clicks/keys are sometimes confusing), so you should be ready to "commit often". I am the core developer by myself so be ready to receive inspection comments. We do not want to pay for your study and your bugs - so make sure you know good all the stuff above. Or, be ready to do study/investigations in your own time. I'm not against starters - this project is a good chance for you to learn "best practices".