Make WooThemes "listings" and Woo E-Commerce work together

Make WooThemes "listings" and Woo E-Commerce work together


Job Description

Project overview:

1. To make woothemes listings and e-commerce work together so when you click on "køb bog" (buy book) it is put directly on the shopping cart (you have to make a nice page for that).

2. On this page: , make custom fields (name, address, and bank account number and registration number) for seller - It´s have to be secure and the custom fields are not going to be shown - its private information.

3. On the same page as above the "book - authors, book - publishers, and the book - isbn" fields have to be autocomplete keywords instead of direct selection, so sellers are able to write new ones books.

4. On a listing page : i don´t want the images to the right but the options for widgets instead.

5. "minor fixes" such as :

(a) on the front page : I want the tag box the same height at the search box.
(b) a page display all categories - the same way as on the front page (url shown above)
(c) small translations different places such as when you hover over "Udvalgte Bøger" (selected items) on the front page , the word "by" and "learn more" should say the danish word for it and the same goes for the search box text and latest listning text on the front page