Responsive welcome page

Responsive welcome page


Job Description

Looking for someone that will implement the design of web application welcome page with full responsiveness (twitter bootstrap). There is a good chance we will hire you also to implement other external pages and later the internal, the app interface.

The jobs is to build to improve the UX in a small startup, by following precisely the supplied UI designs. We decided to hire someone that has passion at building responsive web applications, a keen eye for design and special care for details.

I would supply you with mobile and desktop designs, and in addition I can add quick descriptive animation prototypes to visually (rather than static) explain a desired result feel.

In order to get a estimate of your hours, a short description of the task: landing page with a signup button in the header, the main content is a grid of 3 by 2 thumbnails, and each will show a tooltip on mouse over, the footer has sharing and likes and link to other external pages.

As an option to english, candidate can use portuguese language.

It's extremely important for us to see some examples of your work.