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App Design


Job Description

We're gonna to develop apps for both iOS and Android (including the logo, etc.), that communicate with RFID devices within range. Basic functions include:

* register a device (add to a device list in app so that it can be controlled),
* query a device (the device can beep when receiving a signal from mobile)
* delete a device (remove from list)
* set automatic alert on a device (the phone will make a sound alert if the device move out of a pre-set coverage; the coverage can be adjusted); the automatic alert can be enabled/disabled for a device temporally

We'll provide you with several very similar products for reference:


We seek our design to be impressively unique from others, appealing to users, nicely visualized, and easy to use.

We hope you could consider all above, and send us back a brief sketch asap (both Android and iOS) that helps us understand how your idea intends to be. After viewing all proposals, we'll pick a favorite one and immediate award the project.

Please let me know any question you may have. We sincerely look forward to a nice collaboration with you.

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