Bucharest ONLY - Start UP in the makings

Bucharest ONLY - Start UP in the makings


Job Description

Hey there,


As a development agency we've been on the market for little over 16 years now.

This days we're no longer looking to get the next project to work on , to have the next employer hammer us , we're looking to get the next product on the market. We're looking to claim ownership of something new or existing but done better.

We're looking for someone that shares the same vision and passion to join the team.

What we will be doing is simple: web based application, responsive, SaaS!

We're a pretty new startup. This means you'll get to make decisions right from day one, allowed to fail (over and over) and have a lot of fun. We also plan to keep it that way.

Area: Technology (design sensitivity will be appreciated)
- Proactively looking for ways to make products better
- Design and implement new features and improve existing ones
- Rapidly iterate on product and features

General Requirements:
- Experience with front-end web technologies, e.g. Javascript, CSS, HTML
- Experience with mongodb, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Objective-C - alternatively, be a super fast learner

For the first project we will need:
- Ember.js and Node.js
- Mongo and MySQL

If you want to be part of this project, let me know. We will make you a cash offer & a % of the outcome too. The cash offer will be like a salary but will be better if you remember you'll own the damn thing (or part of it) once it's live.

Let's start the engines!