Online Lesson Booking System - Web Developer

Online Lesson Booking System - Web Developer


Job Description

We are creating a web application for online Spanish lesson booking and are looking for a web backend developer. We are technology-agnostic as long as it is easily deployable on a standard linux debian vps.

> A student needs to browse through a list of teachers, select a teacher, view his schedule and send tentative lesson requests to him, accept,decline or repropose requests from his teacher as well as cancel confirmed classes.
A student needs to see a list of teachers he has tentative and/or confirmed classes with.
Moreover, the student needs to see his remaining lesson credits, the lessons charged / refunded and his payments made.

> A teacher needs to manage his schedules (add/remove blockers, accept,decline or repropose lesson requests from his students and send lesson requests to his students. The teacher needs to have a list of students that have tentative and/or confirmed classes with him.

> An administrator needs to see, search and manage all lessons and blockers, all teacher schedules, all students and all payments made and all lessons charged/refunded.

> The system needs to trigger billing cycles hourly to charge credits for confirmed classes 48 hours in advance.

Generic Requirements
> All actions like list,show,accept,propose etc. should be possible asynchronously (AJAX calls)
> All views and javascript apps should be responsive (smartphone, tablet, desktop)
> Timezone Management (users will reside in different time zones)
> User Authentication
> User Access Management (user groups: anonymous,students,teachers,administrators)
> HTML,CSS Templates will be done by somebody else.

For in-depth requirements have a look at the project documentation and wireframes here:

If you apply for this project we would like to invite you for a conversation on Google Hangout. For the Hangout, please have your answers to the following questions prepared.

> What serving plattform / programming language / framework / libraries would you use and why?
> What is your opinion on the quality of the project documentation slides?
> How will you provide means for easy, separate frontend styling in HTML/CSS/JS?
> How will you document your code?
> Please quickly sketch a database model for the online Spanish lesson booking application
> What is your plan for the first 30 hours? Please quickly write down some sprint backlog items for the first sprint.
> What is your tentative guess about the total amount of work required on this project?