Build multi-faceted Web Site with FB & Twitter API, user sign up, etc.

Build multi-faceted Web Site with FB & Twitter API, user sign up, etc.


Job Description

Website is for a business. Functionalities include three layers - Admin, Paid User, Public Facing

Admin Side Functionality
Oversee website
Receive contact forms from paid users
Receive payments/automatically collect payment monthly
Publish content to specific areas of the site that are behind paid user's password protected login
Automatically push published content to FB & Twitter accounts of paid users as posts through API
Ability to advertise to paid users in specific areas of site
Authenticate/Create ID# for Paid Users & set-up ability to use iFrame of behind-login published content as public-facing content on personal sites
Database of users paid, deactivated, etc.

Paid User Functionality
Create account
Add/edit billing info in secure area
Connect FB account
Connect Twitter account
Authorize connected FB & Twitter accounts to allow posts from website
Paid User to have an ID# that allows user to have iframe of behind-login page published content put directly onto their own sites and seen by public
Remove/deactivate account
Access article pages behind log-in

View main pages of site for pricing, contact, about & sign-up
Download white papers/articles from paid-users site in exchange for providing email address
Report violations of usage of product

Wireframes will be provided if we contact you for this job. A non-compete and non-disclosure must be signed to view wireframes & work on project. You *MUST* demonstrate clear ability to complete the different functions in this project.