Design a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign

Design a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign


Job Description

Hello Contractors,

We are looking for skilled contractors to design an advertising & marketing campaign for our company


We are a web based company located in Canada. The primary objective of our website is to connect instructors of emergency training programs such as First Aid & CPR to students looking for these types of courses. We act as an intermediary to assist these two customer segments. The course list segment will be a paying customer (with a monthly subscription fee and other service fees built in) and the search segment will not be charged for the website's service rather they will be paying the instructor to teach them a course which is found through our website.

Project Specifications

Since this is a user driven website, ee are looking for a comprehensive marketing & advertising action plan to drive traffic to the website to populate our database. Traffic ideally should be driven from both segments in order to match the demand for courses. We want to give our paying customer a solid return on investment by developing a strategic plan to drive both segments to the website.

The contractor should be able to communicate well and be in communication with us as necessary to facilitate this project moving forward.

We would like to see a plan that includes a variety of ideas that is geared toward driving these types of segments to our website including social media, PPC, SEO, original content, user driven community. This plan again must be comprehensive and realistic and should include costs, time lines,tangable ways to measure outcomes, ways to manage/handle customers (CRM), and clear communication on how to execute these strategies in a given timeline.

We are very open to ideas/suggestions and look forward to hearing from everyone. Please let us know if you require any further information. Here is a link to the beta test site so far. Please have a look at it to get a feel for the business -

Thank you,

Skills: design, marketing, training, test