Mobile Application including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Development

Mobile Application including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Development


Job Description

We are looking for an application to be developed for distribution on various ‘app stores’ including Apple, Android and Windows stores for our business clients. As the application design itself its copyright and subject to non-disclosure agreement, the final designs along with detailed notes will only be sent to the selected freelancer.

The application will have a frontend GUI, with real time updates based on user selections, which uses a number of databases to store and read data. Based on user selection, formatted text should be output to a text message with a phone number, email with an email address, or as a PDF document (both on its own to iBook’s etc or as an attachment to the email or text message).

To enable consideration and bidding for this work, the specifications, features and deliverables of the application to be developed include:

- Graphical user interface as specified by the designs, with 8 to 10 screen (final designs sent to selected freelancer)
- Its abilities include:
o Save data into a database on the device (SQL)
o Read data from a database on the device (SQL)
o Delete data from a database on the device (SQL)
o Search data in a database on the device (SQL)
o Populate and adjust databases with information live from the internet (e.g. a price list). If no Internet is available it must show cached information previously downloaded. This is at current only a ‘proof of concept’ and therefore no website is currently setup. We have the ability to host a specifically designed page made by the developer to demonstrate this functionality.
o Databases and all information in the application must be encrypted
o Host a number of SQL databases containing various details entered by the user (database structure and design also to be created by the developer)
o Buttons for navigation
o Buttons to set options (including a settings control panel, within the application)
o Simple passcode function on the application launch, or prelaunch if set by user to prevent unauthorised use
o Lists to show current selections or entries made by the user, with the ability to ‘swipe right’ to delete
o Ability to export a custom message based upon user selections, to a text message, email or PDF in the books application
o Ability to display an image inside the application based upon a user selection from their photos
o Logging feature to log everything the user is doing within the application for the user to review
o Backup and restore feature, to:
• Allow the user to send the application data via e-mail for backup purposes
• Allow the user to copy the application data via iTunes to a PC, or to copy from the PC to restore previous data
o Make simple calculations based on user input
o Simple validation and verification popup messages
o A master erase buttons inside the application to delete all databases and user entered information
o Tab navigation at the bottom
o Ability for user to change background colour by selection in their settings
o In short the GUI will have buttons, tables, text boxes, pickers, grouped buttons / tab buttons and images
- The application must be able to be distributed on app stores including Apple
- All source code must be provided to the project owner, clearly commented
- The application must be able to be changed by the project owner (especially the GUI) by available tools such as XCode
- The application must work on iOS devices, Android and Windows devices

- When sending proposals or messages, please include a statement confirming that you can deliver all of the above specifications and requirements, also, how you will develop the application and the estimated time it will take with all of these features (we understand this won’t be greatly accurate until you have seen final designs).
- This is a fixed price project, so please ensure your bid reflects this. No payments will be made up-front, but can be deposited on the oDesk system. The money will be released on satisfactory project completion
- The project, and freelancer will be subject to a Non-Disclosure agreement due to the IPR and copyright.
- No upfront payments will be made, but milestones can be discussed for completion of iOS application Version, Android Application Version, Windows Application Version etc.
- The project owner has access to iOS simulators through XCode, but will need to be shown how to test Android and Windows Application through simulators etc
- We need this application developed as quick as possible
- We require a progress update from the selected FREELANCER every two to three days during the project. This can be carried out via the oDesk website and must include examples or current versions of the application for feedback and to see progress

We will try and answer any questions you have, so please get in contact!

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