Looking for AngularJS/node developer

Looking for AngularJS/node developer


Job Description

Hi good people,

I represent an awesome website that I'd love to tell you about. It's about 80% complete in its current iteration (we have done beta-launches in the past and had to restructure the site in their aftermath). We had a great developer who was simultaneously doing a Masters' program who unfortunately had to resign from the project recently.

Quick site spec's:

Front end: HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
In addition to that we use AngularJS and then Bootstrap for styling.

Back end: Node.js (MongoDB for a database and amazon aws for storage

Basically, any web developer who is competent in JavaScript should feel right at home with our technology stack.

We're looking to hire up to three developers; one each who is capable in Node.js, AngularJS, and front-end design (respectively).

We're willing to pay cash or form a larger partnership if you're A) skilled and B) as excited about our vision as we are.

Of course, you can't be excited about our vision until you know what it is. So, please contact me if you think you might be a good fit for our needs.