Job Description

Looking for someone to create two online forms that will automatically update our Zoho CRM info.
The crm currently has name,acount number, email, expiration date, and some other fields.
The first form will be a change of address form in which customer key will be based on their account number (which is genuine for each customer and a field in the crm). That will allow them to update addresses and email addresses for both personal and gift subscriptions and have it sync to the CRM.
The other form will be for updating subscription expiration dates (a field in our CRM software). The customer will have the option of choosing a term (1 year, two year, 3 year/personal or gift subscription). After choosing their term and paying it (we would like to link this payment to paypal for processing), the expiration date in the crm will automatically adjust accordingly to the number of years they chose. Currently, all of our expiration dates are set for the 1st day of the respective month in which the subscription is expiring. For example, if the expiration date is set in the crm as 05/01/2013 and someone purchases a two subscription on April 26, 2013 we would like to CRM to update the expiration date to 05/01/2015.

Skills: paypal