Web services for custom made clothes - In arabic

Web services for custom made clothes - In arabic


Job Description

I want a web site that provide the services for clothes makers and also for the cutomers who request coustimized clothes. All these serices should be thorugh one web site. Since there are many clothes makers i would like to have a username and passwrod for each maker and also for each customer i would like to have username and password.
A- Services for the customer: 1- To be able to know the status of the clothes is it ready or in which stage.
2- to know how much money is left to be paid. 3- when the request will be ready. 4- request online another clothes with the same size 5- choose features for the clothes like the color, type of style, etc..
6- To be able to preview the clothes as it would be after finishing so he can make some changes till he finilaze his feauthres. 7- to able to pay online by credit card 8- To receive a message when the request completed.
9- to put his feedback for quality assurnace.10- to refrence the clothes maker to a freind.

B- Services for the clothes makers:

1-To be able to input the cusotmer contact information and also the personal sizes for his hand , neck, width, length etc..
2- To be able to input the type of clothes the customer choosed. this might be multiple if he request more than one clothes.
3- To input the cost of and how much paid and what is left?
4- to assign the request to a worker and track the status of the request?.
5- To be able to scan by barcode the clothes when it is ready. and when it is recieved by the cusotmer .
6- If clothes is scanned all the ifnormation about the thobe should be shown inclduing the money information and the requester (customer) information.
7- He should be able to track how much material he used to manufacture the clothes and from which vender(s). and how much left in the store.
8- He should be able to input the cost of manufacturing for each peace and calculate the profit.
9- Sometime, there will be a return for fixing the clothes this should be tracked also in term of who is the wroker and also the customer.
10- Marketing compain for cusotmer through email or mobile numbers.

These report should be generated from the system:
1- Monthly income , cost, profit, number of thobes(clothes).
2- Number of thobes completed by workers.
3- List of customer whose thobes completed, recieved by them or still not received and the money assocaited with each case.
4-List of cusotmer who returend thobes for fixing and who is the worker made it initialy.
5- List of thobes by the type of vendor. This will help which material is mostly liked by the customer.
6- Top cusotmers by money and by number of thobe monthyl, yearly.
7-Historical record about certain customer.

D- Single web interface per Manufacutrer

The idea here is to create username and passowrd for the munufacturer BUT everyone might request different interface or layout for the site.
The plan is to have same services for all users but the interface should be customizle according the maunfacurer flavor. A standard interface will be applied if ther is no request for customization. In the interface the name of the munufacturer will appear.

Skills: marketing

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