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BizCocoon - Uniting the world of Start-up Resources


Job Description

Our group is looking to work on multiple projects with the right Developer/Designer. We are BizCocoon, a network of startup resources aimed at getting you from idea to the starting line.

We surrond your ideas and nurture them from fiction to fact. Need a landing page that is well composed, has the right call to action, and is smart.

Show us what you have:

Web Site Project Generally

Looking for a 3 or 4 page website that uses forms and saves data entered by a submitter to a spreadsheet or contact capture. The website should email people when data has been successfully entered.

Web Site Project More Specifically

Page 1 – landing page (logo, states who we are, what we are doing, how we will help a business proposal, need a menu bar w/ options "home (which is page 1)" and "submit your proposal (which is page 2))

Need something about confidentiality – that we will keep any documents submitted as confidential.

Page 2 – submit your proposal page

Tell the submitter what information we want.

[the steps should be visual -- similar to trip usher website]

Step 1 -- Personal contact information
a. name
b. position at the business
c. business name
d. business address
e. best telephone number
f. best e-mail address
g. [check box] -- the submitter has authority to submit the information
Step 2 – Tell us your 30 second elevator pitch of your business
Step 3 – Attach your business plan / proposal (in PDF format, no more than 25 pages).
Step 4 – Pay via PayPal
Step 5 – Tell the submitter what we are going to do:
a. review the document
b. if the idea is not aligned with our strategy, we will send you an email about our decision.
c. if the idea is good, then we may recommend resources, and a course of action for the project
c. if the idea is really good, then we will polish the idea and submit to VC
[as part of Step 5 – we want to send an e-mail stating that their submission has been received]

[as part of Step 5 – we want to send an e-mail to bizcocoon staff stating that a project has been submitted]

Page 3 – Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

Page 4 – Privacy Policy

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