Need multiple sites developed

Need multiple sites developed


Job Description

I am looking for someone who is highly experienced in database design as well as developing member based business sites.

Description of Website: Member based sites for private institutions. Must include member profiles and account information. Sites are non related and may need separate teams to develop. Teams must be professional and account for all extra work and modification requests.

Please do not take on these jobs if you do not have the experience to complete them in a professional manner.

These need to be a quality jobs that can be completed quickly.


-Someone with a 5 star rating
-Someone with great references
-Someone who speaks English well
-Someone who takes pride in their work and can produce what they offer
-Someone who is a great programmer that can also enhance the websites design
-Someone who has created similar types of websites and can show me their work

*** Important when you reply start by typing the code words: Crazy Kenny

This way I know you took the time to read the complete job description instead of just replying to all new submissions like many people do!!!



Skills: english, design, typing