PHP Guru to finish punch list for site

PHP Guru to finish punch list for site


Job Description

This is what remains to be done on my project,

They are in order of priority.

1. Get Registration to work / Pin Verify via text not phone call verify /Option to resend pin number via text
2. Implement “Quiet Time Technology”. Notifications generated during “quiet period” wont fire until that period is over.
3. Stripe Implementation
• Everyone gets a 7 day trial with unlimited tracking and notifications. After 7 days they get this message:
Your account has been frozen until you can provide a valid credit card. (Don’t worry we’re keeping all your stuff safe and sound)
Visit settings page to update or contact customer service if you feel you’ve reached this in error.
Success / Paid =
Failed / Unpaid =

4. Use radio boxes instead of drop down so user can select both in they want to be notified both when package moves and is delivered.
5. Solution for map zoom. No matter how far or close a package travels, ensure the zoom level is appropriate so you can see it on the map.
6. Fixed miles travelled. Some packages say they’ve traveled some 6,000 miles but in fact they haven’t.