Quick HTML/CSS Site Design Project for Ruby-on-Rails Project

Quick HTML/CSS Site Design Project for Ruby-on-Rails Project


Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for a website expert to create a personal data tracking website.

Additional details and sample screens are included in the attached file. This is being posted as an hourly rate project, but would like a capped rate of hours and how many days to deliver. Time is of the essence as well as budget.

We need the following functionality implemented:

1. User signup & account creation
2. Storage of a personal data, including the ability to upload personal photos for comparisons
3. Ability to sort on different results
4. Ability for users to share results based on Facebook ‘Like' or 'Share'
5. Admin will need to be able to change entire background, logo, banners and colors for any page
MORE details in attached document.

Contractor requirements

We’re looking for a short-term contractor to develop this website. This may lead to a long-term contractor to develop ongoing and maintain this website. The ideal developer has:

1. Successfully developed HTML, HTML5 and other CSS applications
2. Strong experience in general website development
3. Is familiar with modern responsice design websites and their development and has an understanding of Ruby-On-Rails
4. Has great organizational and time-management skills to get work done on schedule

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your experience, including 3 to 5 examples of past work
2. Your familiarity with Ruby-On-Rails projects and any contributions you’ve made on them
3. The way you would think about working on this project

In addition, please submit examples of modern responsive and social websites that you think have good features and describe how those features would interact.

Some of my preferred sites for examples include:


Here are two examples of work from the developers we are interviewing that most directly reflect the look and feel we are after.

This one is raw, but bang on the framework of what we want

This one gets it and has some design already in place.

About the company

Our company is a Canadian based health and fitness website that allows users to enter and track results and share with friends using social media. More details can be found in the attached word doc with sample screens.

Skills: design, facebook

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