App Engine (GAE) Software Developer [Hourly]

App Engine (GAE) Software Developer [Hourly]


Job Description

We're currently looking for an experienced Google App Engine or Django developer to join our team in the continued development of a new self help portal. This role is part-time and will consist of joining the development team to contribute to future feature builds. Here are the requirements to apply:

Required Qualifications:

1. Intermediate or advanced Python experience.
2. Intermediate or advanced experience with Google App Engine (Python Version) or Django development.
3. Experience (Advanced level not required) with jQuery, HTML and CSS front-end development.
4. Proficient at communicating and understanding software concepts in english.
5. OOP knowledge and modern software engineering approaches.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Have experience using GitHub to collaborate on software.
2. A GitHub account of past projects.
3. Open source contribution examples.

If you've read all of the above description and are serious about getting a response from us, please start your application with the word python. Other then that, please feel free to ask any questions regarding the project.

To apply answer the following questions:

1. Tell us about the largest App Engine or Django application you've built, and how you contributed.

2. Please include code examples that display your knowledge of OOP in Python, Java, Objective-C, or C++

3. Explain any experience you've had working on a software team and what role you had.

*This is a week long trial job. If everything works well while we work with you, you will join the team for a 1-3 month part-time term.