QR Code App

QR Code App


Job Description

Need an IOS & Android App, that will create a QR code with that persons details embedded in the qr code.

I would like the qr code to be able to be displayed on the phone for quick scanning, if not possible they will just click on icon to reveal QR code

locations, goes to a page that they can update the latest locations and click on the names to be taken to different web pages.

I need to be able to update that the locations on a web interface with the database, hosted on my server.

Share will be able to email or text details about how to download the app

Push notifications
may not be needed, but might be nice (Price to add this feature)
Be able to send push notifications as people are close to locations in the list, or send out push notifications to people in a particular city

need some sort of web interface.

See screen shots attached (rough idea on layout, no graphic design yet)

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