Software Developer

Software Developer


Job Description

I am the owner and manager of a mobile game studio that has over 60 apps, primary for the iOS marketplace. To better manage our portfolio of games, we are in the process of building supporting tools and automation.

One of our first projects is to improve the way we view data, analyze, and select keywords for each of our apps (selecting the right set of keywords improves your visibility into the Apple store, and thus drives more traffic). Essentially, the solution will involve aggregating data from multiple sources and creating a simple UI/features for the user to perform analysis.

The candidate must have experience working in systems and building tools with many parts (i.e. 3rd party APIs). Also, we expect this individual to provide sound technical guidance and solutions based on the current business requirements.

We expect this project to evolve over time, but we want to have basic tools developed rapidly so we can receive immediate help.

Experience Requirements:
- Built software that requires managing data (importing, integrity checks, validation, caching, parsing, storage)
- Built software that interacts with 3rd party APIs in the JSON syntax. Able to make real-time look-up calls, parse, and cache data
- Built reporting dashboards (filtering, sorting, exporting into excel)

If you meet the job requirements and interested to have an interview then please respond by with the words "lording" and summarize your experience and how it fits my needs. Provide specific implementation details and technologies used in your solutions.

Skills: json, software-development, cache-database

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