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MuleKick Mobile Sites


Job Description

We are about to launch our online marketing company: MuleKick Media - although offering SEO/Social Media services, etc, our main focus will be on offering mobile websites, primarily, and mobile apps (to those firms who will benefit most from them).

We are looking at a number of options at present, one of those options being to build a relationship with a good mobile website/app producer, who can create sites/apps relatively cheaply (we want to use them to get a 'foot-in-the-door' with companies - to then offer our full SEO services).

We want to develop a relationship with a site/app builder that we can build on and send more work to them as our business grows (marketing campaign about to start). Where I've put a budget (below), that will be for each app/site. Where I've put an end date (below) we will take advice from our chosen contractor on timescales

Skills: producer