Web Programming

Web Programming


Job Description

I'm searching for a long term team to help with ongoing projects. This team must be reliable, trustworthy, and responsible/accountable for their development.

Those who apply must agree to
- 5+ years in a professional working environment (senior developers only)
- 3 Corporate US references (direct name number and what you did for them)
- consistent and fast internet
- skype? number? office hours?
- your hourly rate?
- your weekly rate (if discounted)
- your monthly rate (if discounted)
- PAYMENT AFTER COMPLETION of the project (do not bid if this is not acceptable)

if there were two clients;
client 1 - is not happy with the development because it's taking too long to finish even though we agreed on time frames. What will you do? how will you handle this?

client 2 - happy with the work. what do we do after? how will you handle this?

if there were two clients and you are struggling to keep up with the development. What do you do? and how will you handle this?

if there's a lot of problems with the site than what and how do you handle this?

what is your development strategy? FYI: I know what works and what doesn't please do not tell me the standard.

How are you with critical thinking and solution finder?

thank you