Ruby / On Rails CALL

Ruby / On Rails CALL


Job Description

Hi, ODESK community.

My name is Gabriel. I'm the founder of "O Formigueiro", a new Brazilian crowdfunding website that helps educational low-cost and fast-deployed projects with their needs (mostly objects such as books, chairs, blackboards, pencils, microscopes and so on, which students need in order to learn well).

Our website is almost ready and we do have a ruby programmer that has, unfortunately, broken his arm 1 week ago :( . Actually, we are using an open-source code ( - provided by an established crowdfunding site ( - , which we are modifying, in order to adapt it to our necessities.

For RUBY (on rails) PROGRAMMERS:
Can you count in the image attached (our layout) 9 yellow projects placed asymmetrically all over the anthill? Well, it has not been easy for us to organize them in that way, because the open-source only provide it in perfect lines and columns.

That's what we need to be done in one or two days on the maximum.

Can you do it, guys?


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