Zend Framework developer required

Zend Framework developer required


Job Description

Zend Framework 1 developer required. You have to know all the best practices in web development and before you read further: deep knowledge of ZF is a must. If you do not possess this skill, please ignore the following.

You need to be able to deal with advanced concepts like caching strategies, deep understanding of web techniques and processes, really good feel of OOP principles and their realization in PHP. Perfect understanding of data layer (built with MySQL) is a must and you need to be able to demonstrate that you can deal with advanced concepts and write advanced SQL queries without using ORMs/ARs. In addition to that you need to be able to work effeciently with HTML5/CSS. You need to know Javascript well and be able to use jQuery and other libraries efficiently. All Git life cycle is at your fingertips.

Your work will be supervised and you won't be able . You are required to report and be ready to be controlled using Assembla and work using Agile principles.

All candidates will be interviewed using Skype (voice interview).

Preferred candidates are from Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc) and posses Zend Framework and/or Zend PHP5+ certifications. Good command of English is a big plus.

Summarizing everything above: if you have serious hands-on knowledge of ZF and MySQL + certain level of front-end skills, we would like to hire you. Otherwise, please do not waste our time. In order to get rid of the bots, please indicate the type of the interview we require on the first line of your response.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Skills: agile, english

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