Video Database Website

Video Database Website


Job Description

I need an online Video Database website that will work as follows:
Users will get their own username and password upon registration.
Users can create and upload up to 6 videos under pre defined sections.
The user and his videos will be searchable based on keywords entered by other users.
Videos should be created through the website but be stored on any appropriate free online video storage service such as YouTube, Vimeo etc or any other appropriate video storing service.
On each user profile, there should be a place to store a few images also uploaded by the user as well as text files like PDFs or WORD Files. Can also stored on free file storage websites. Users should not have access to anyone else's files for alteration or deletion of course.
Contents of the user profiles including videos and files should only be made “available” for the public upon approval by site administrator.
Access to key information (or files) by other users should only be available upon online payment.
Sophisticated search functionality should be provided to people searching for keywords.
Grouping of video users should be possible based on keywords, for example: if a user is looking for the keywords “Rock and Roll” then all users who have entered these terms as keywords in their videos should be grouped together and displayed so that the user can further filter the list by adding additional criteria.
Grouping and filtering should also be available based on demographic information obtained during user registration.
Site should be dynamic and attractive, yet professional looking. Should be animated but easy to use on slower connections and computers. Should work on all major browsers including Google Chrome.
Site should be usable by multiple users simultaneously without loss of speed and performance.
Site should be programmed in such a way that aesthetic changes can easily be made without a change in functionality. The Database functionality should therefore be at the core of the structure.

At this stage I just require a "prototype" concept website. All functionality (such as payment mechanism) need not be functional at this time.

Skills: video, youtube