Employment Agency Website

Employment Agency Website


Job Description

I need an experienced PHP, or ASP programmer. Must also have knowledge of SQL database. Fluent English is a requirement.
I currently have a staffing/employment agency website www.elitestaffinc.com that I need to make functional. I have a homepage design. I had someone developing the back end of the site and they abandoned the project. I would like for it to be a database driven site. It is all currently in HTML and linked up to show how it should function. I have all of the pages, front end and backend. I also have a sql database to go along with it or a new one can be created. They just need to be tied together into a functioning PHP or .ASP script. Preferably PHP. I need to be able to accept job applications, accept timecards, allow clients approve timecards, search my database for employees, assign them to jobs, post jobs to website, etc. I do have all of the necessary pages and layout, I just need it to function. I am listing a more detailed job description below
Manage Employees
• Allow potential employees to apply online through our website and have that application transformed into a word document. Then it is entered into our system ready to be view. I would like for our systems search engine to be able to search the word documents for keywords and display the results. The search engine can also search by name, date of birth, social security, and applicable skills/qualifications. There will be two separate types of resumes. System build through our website and employee’s personal uploaded resume.
• Allow potential employees to upload their own resume (through our website), ready to view in our system.
• Enter job orders and display them on our websites job board manage job orders
• Search and
• Assign and track employees to jobs
• Add and edit worker details and notes
• Allow employees to login and view their job and timecard history. Employees can also update their contact info and resume.

Manage Clients
• Add new clients
• Add and edit clients details and notes Add and edit supervisor details and notes
• Add and edit supervisor details and notes
• Allow clients to login and view their jobs and timecard history
Manage Timecards
• Allow Employees to enter weekly timecards and have them entered into the system
• Allow Clients to view and approve/reject employee timecards
• Once a client approves a timecard it is sent to our end and is finalized (approved/rejected)
• Once finalized, Timecards are sent to accounting/payroll.
• Send newsletters
• Setup and assign 4 different administrative privileges (Recruiter, Accountant, Manger, Executive)
• Small touch ups to the design
• Clean up the HTML

Skills: english, newsletters, design