developer for a startup webapp

developer for a startup webapp


Job Description

we are a 2 guys startup based in the US and germany. the startup is developing a web based application for products management and we need a third person to complete our team.

the advantage of our startup is that 4 companies are interested in this product and one of this companies bought it already for 3 of their brands.

at the moment, I developed a prototype in 2 months. the whole prototype needs +/- 50% to be ready. I think we need 2-3 months more to have the prototype ready. and now we need some help.

we want a developer with entrepreneurial spirit and startup friendly. at the moment we prefer to pay monthly 2,500.- US$ and no fixed time. (if you worked for a startup before, you will understand what I mean)

if our work together is satisfactory, the third or fourth month, we wil pay you 3,500.- US$ monthly. and if all runs perfect, you can part of the company with a percentage. we can discuss that. we are open.

please, fell free to ask everything what you want and thank you!