Mobile App Developer (iOS and Android)

Mobile App Developer (iOS and Android)


Job Description

We are looking for a mobile app developer who can develop and design iOS and Android applications as well as collaborate with a ruby developer.

The App will be downloaded by event creators and used to check in attendees for events. They will register tickets with the list of attendee's and tell the individual checking in the tickets if the ticket is - Approved(green light), Already Checked In(red light), or Not A Valid QR Code(red light).

The applications developed will be an almost exact clone of "Entry Manager" at in the App Store. I will need my application to download the Attendee list locally to the device and in the background continually sync with the server and if in the mobile devices a data connection is lost, they still need to validate tickets from the locally stored version of the attendee list (the version that was last synced), then once a connection is restored the list will sync.

This project will need to be completed within (2) weeks. This deadline is a must.

Skills: mobile-application-development, design