Web Application Development Support: Teaching & Troubleshooting

Web Application Development Support: Teaching & Troubleshooting


Job Description

Teaching myself to code Ruby on Rails. Looking for someone to enhance and support my learning experience and assist with troubleshooting. I see this as an ongoing regular interaction providing ideas, direction and issue diagnosis and resolution.

I am developing a Business Travelers Community called BizRoller.com which currently is deployed as sing-up page. A more detailed description is at www.BizRoller.com. The goal is to create a MVP for testing and validation while attracting partners to really ramp up the project and take it live. While I have an Engineering degree, my practical experience has been in Marketing, Sales, Management and Business Development in technical companies.

Using Ruby on Rails, Windows 7, Cygwin, PostgreSQL, Git (https://github.com/singermatt/bizroller) and currently deployed on Heroku. While I have been successful in using online classes and resources to learn and overcome obstacles, there are times where I feel I am not learning quickly enough, spending too much time on a particular issue, not using my time effectively and delaying the launch. I prefer someone with NYC access for occasional in-person meetings.