Programming my website

Programming my website


Job Description

I have a website that needs to be programmed on the back end. It is indeed quite simple and consists of two (2) sections:

A. User section: Includes SIGN IN and LOG IN forms and pages for secure management of users’ profile, documents, orders and payments.

B. Admin section: Log in and IU to manage stats, customers’ files, orders and prices.

ALL PAGES are fully designed and developed in HTML, most of them are already 100% functional and ready to be posted online.

The basic operation of my site is the following:
1. User visits my website
2. User signs in and creates an account (becoming a Customer).
3. Customer places an order posting a file(s) into an internal private folder.
4. Customer pays the order.
5. Customer checks progress of his/her order.
6. Customer gets an email from my website when job is done.
7. Customer logs in into his/her account.
8. Customer opens internal private folder in my website and downloads his/her revised file(s).

The selected PROGRAMMER must:
• Create Mysql DB for the entire website.
• Make links and codes for all pages interacting with Mysql DB.
• Write a couple of scripts to calculate basic statistics.
• Program forms for email communications and payments.

Time line: This must be completed in 8-10 days max.