Annual Maintenance Contract for Cold Fusion/SQL/Windows Server

Annual Maintenance Contract for Cold Fusion/SQL/Windows Server


Job Description

We are looking for a developer/programmer to manage a web site and backend reporting system used for web-based application. The system involves generating semi-dynamic reports and delivering them via pdf for medical professionals that subscribe to our reporting service.

• Operating System Windows Server 2003
• ColdFusion 8 (upgrade from 6.1)
• Web Server IIS 6 (current)
• Database Server SQL Server 2003

Maintenance Support: includes but not limited to the following:

1. On call support - maintaining current system
2. Rapid fixes and prevention of downtime.
3. Maintenance, delivery and scheduling of daily & weekly reports.
4. Maintenance & monitoring of Alerts CF scheduled tasks.
5. Hosting communication/upgrades.
6. Data archiving & SQL monitoring
7. SQL logs monitoring and shrinking
8. Maintenance and tuning of ColdFusion server
9. Logs review and shrinking
10. DDX packets clean up
11. Mappings
12. Caching
13. Data source issues
14. Custom tags implementation & fixes.
15. Mail server issues.
16. Coding of daily & weekly reports on country report.
17. Included: QA, PM, Business Requirements, technical design

Skills: qa, design, pdf